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Franklin High School - Room C216


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Franklin High School
Athletic Field
Athletic Field Entrance
Baseball Diamond
Concessions - Stadium
Concessions - Gym Balcony
East Commons
Foyer - Main Entrance
Gym Balcony
Gym Hallway, North
Library - Conf Room
Main Commons
Multi-Purpose Room - A206
North Commons
Parking Lot, North
Parking Lot, South
Practice Field - Lower North
Practice Field - Upper North
Room A110
Practice Field - Upper South
Room A113
Room B208
Room B213
Room B233
Room B235
Room C212
Room D210 - Band
Room D214 - Orchestra
Room D216 - Choir
Saber Center
Softball Field
Upper Gym - Wresting Room
Weight Room
Room C220
Room B227
Room C226
Room A211
Room A216
Room B229
Room B232
Room B113
Room B115
Room B112
Room B110
Room B109
Room C211
Room C215
Room B200 - Recording Studio
Room C233
Room C234
Stadium Ticket Booth
Room C232
Room C231
Room C231
Saber Center Lobby
Room A112
Room B105
Room B231
Room A206
Room C214
Room C214
Room C216
Room C217
Room C207
Room A111
Room B234
Upper Commons
Room C311
Room C303/304
Room C219
Room C213
Room C219
Room B104
Room B106
Room C221
Room B114
Room A207

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Facility Area Information

8222 S 51st St.
Franklin, WI 53185
Phone: (414) 423-4640

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