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Adult Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

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Adult Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
What You and Your Family Need to Know
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The Franklin Recreation Department invites individuals with hearing loss and their family members to attend this very informative presentation by Darrel R. Feakes, Au.D, Doctor of Audiology.  Dr. Feakes has retired from audiology after thirty-five years of providing public education programs and service to the hearing impaired and their families in hospitals and in ENT offices. Dr. Feakes himself has a significant hearing loss and is a user of amplification.
Hearing loss is commonly associated with the process of aging.  As age advances, so does the incidence and degree of hearing loss. An untreated hearing loss adversely affects all aspects of family and social interaction as well as the health of the individual. Over ninety-five percent of age related hearing loss cannot be treated medically or surgically. Amplification can be of significant benefit for these individuals and their family members. Unfortunately, approximately seventy percent of the people who could benefit from using amplification do not do so. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Why hearing aids are not widely accepted

  • Health issues associated with an untreated hearing loss

  • What aids can and cannot do

  • Importance of having realistic expectations and family support

  • When the use of amplification should be considered

  • How to become accustomed to using amplification

  • How the use of Communication Strategies will improve communication

  • Questions are welcome during and after the presentation.

  • Take home information will be provided.

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